Our office on McPhillips Street is one of the only pediatric dental practice in Canada with its own On-Site, multiple suite, State-of-the-Art Surgical Centre!

Why is this so special? If your child has had to undergo surgery of any kind, you will understand how heart-breaking it is to see your child get “wheeled-off” by strangers. At Children’s Dental World, our warm and friendly environment will have your child at ease from the moment they walk in, to when they “go to sleep” before their procedure. Their parent’s face is the last face they see before treatment begins.

To ensure your child’s safety, we have a doctor and nurses with years of experience working at CDW. This enables us to provide superior care to your child, and the cost is about the same as it would be if the treatment was done in the dental chair.

If your child requires a lot of work in more than one area of their mouth, being treated at the Surgical Centre will provide a fantastic option to have all of the work done in fewer appointments. Treatment done at our Surgical Centre will save you trips to the dentist and you will not have to take as much time away from work and school.

The expertise and caring of our specially trained professionals make our Surgical Centre the best possible place to have any major treatment.