Dr. Milos Lekic discusses Invisalign at Children’s Dental World

Align Technology, makers of the Invisalign® system, recently opened their first Canadian office to support growth across the region. In their November 6, 2017 press release our very own Dr. Milos Lekic provided some insight and thoughts on the topic.

“With the launch of Mandibular Advancement and because of my practice’s renewed commitment to being fully digital and phasing out the use of metal braces, I started 162 patients in Invisalign treatment since March. Of those, 120 were teenagers and 24 were treated with the Mandibular Advancement feature. This is compared to only three Invisalign cases I started in 2016. I am seeing the benefits of switching from an analog to digital method of orthodontics, not just with the Mandibular Advancement feature, but with Invisalign treatment and the iTero Element intra-oral scanner.”

The press release was featured on many news websites including The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider and Yahoo Finance.

To read the full press release visit Aligntech.com

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